Short Term Rental Application & Information

Please be advised that Short Term Rentals are not a permitted use of property in the Village of Volente.  To qualify for an STR, you must first obtain a Conditional Use Permit, which includes a P&Z public hearing, as well as a Council Meeting public hearing.  Neighbors within 500 feet of your property are required to be notified in advance.  Please understand that by following the process and submitting the appropriate application fees does not guarantee approval of operating an STR.  If a Conditional Use Permit is approved, you will receive a Short Term Rental License, which will need to be renewed annually.


Town Hall regarding Short Term Rentals (STR) in the Village of Volente

The Mayor and Village Council hosted a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, July 6, 2023, to give a brief presentation on the history of short-term rentals in Volente, gain the communities participation in an upcoming STR survey, and an opportunity for the community to provide public feedback.

Village officials are looking to receive valuable citizen input to assist with establishing minimum standards to support our Ordinance when issuing Conditional Use Permits.

If you have a specific concern about an existing STR please follow up with the Village office or  click here to submit a complaint online.

 Click here to find the recording of the town hall meeting.