Some of the information requested under the Public Information Request Act is identifiable and readily available on the Village of Volente website.   However, you may nonetheless access the requested information by inspection or duplication or by receipt through United States mail as described in Texas Government Code section 552.221(b).  If you would prefer to inspect or receive physical copies of the requested information please inform the Village of Volente in writing with your preferred method and, if necessary, mailing address.  The Village of Volente will inform you of any charges associated with making the information available to you in your preferred format, including the postage costs and any other applicable charges that the requestor has accrued under Subchapter F of the Texas Government Code.

Public Information Request Form

Please complete the Request Form and submit to the Village office in person, via email to or by mailing to 16100 Wharf Cove, Volente, TX  78641.