Volente "NEWS FLASH" Communications

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The Public Relations and Communications Committee, Village Council, Staff, and Community Volunteers  encourage our community to register to receive Volente newsletters, announcements, and other updates by email. 

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Data Privacy

By electing to keep your information private, the Village of Volente will not release your information to any third parties, unless compelled to do so by a competent court of law, and the Village of Volente will allow your information to be made available to your local government only for use for Emergency Management and other selected uses authorized by you. If the box on the "Keep in Touch with the Village" page is left unchecked, you are electing to make your information public, meaning the Village of Volente may use the information for sections of its local government, and it may become subject to local public information rules and requests. The City does not sell, rent or otherwise distribute visitor's information, including electronic mail addresses, to any outside company or organization, unless legally required to do so or for emergency contact management purposes

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